Monday, December 05, 2005

Boogie Down Productions

Remember how I said that going to the flamenco show was a great night out? Well, I was full of shit - Friday night was really what I needed.

I now have the formula: a great night out to me means meeting new people that I think are fun, funny, and interesting. I invited a whole mess 'o people out, a good chunk of whom I had never met. Americano is a little too financial district for me, but the digs are elegant. The bar area was insanely packed and I started to panic. I don't do well with crowds, and the combination of crowd plus looking for people I didn't know, etc. was too much. Thankfully, no one else had arrived and I staked out some turf on the covered patio.

ads was the first one on the scene. We scurried for the bar (the better to relax, my dear.) Next, we were joined by two guys who have never seen me before in their lives. I was very impressed with the first: it's not every guy who can just walk up to random Indian girls and ask if they are maisnon, while entertaining the bevy of chiquitas that he's gathered along the way. In fact, I was very impressed with the second as well: a DC swing friend had emailed me and passed along his address as a recent transplant. In fact, he moved here from the east coast on Sunday, and still managed to drive all the way up from Sunnyvale. Good on ya!

More of the usual suspects, and the game was on! Hilarious moments:

  • Impressivo Guy #1 and I were exchanging numbers. He gave me his cellphone number, and I called him so he'd have my number. At least, I thought we understood each other. He ended up calling me back....and thinking that I was some chicky from his past. All made funnier because we were speaking on cellphones not three feet apart.
  • Mr. Sunnyvale observed that whole little scene, he was even whispering "Oh no, oh no" under his breath. Good peoples. Shortly thereafter, I tipsily congratulated Impressivo on his passing the Bar by saying "F√©licitations!" This is when Mr. Sunnyvale revealed that he is quebecois, from Montreal, and went to McGill, my university's rival school.
  • My favorite line of all time was repeated, and it's STILL hilarious/bizarre: "Are you Chinese? So is my sister-in-law. Her name is Gang Bang Chang, but we call her Ling-Ling - that's Chinese for Yolanda." What. does. it. mean? Just when you don't think it can get any more wrong, it gets wronger!
I had a Sally Field moment when one of the funniest people I know told me that he thought I should do stand-up: you think I'm funny, you really think I'm funny? I think I may have suggested that we do stand-up together in some sort of "Sonny and Cher" format? Wow - Campari & Orange, you are not my friend.

I loved seeing people from different groups interacting with one another, meeting oft-mentioned friends and family... and just seeing where my life can lead. There are people here, too, that make me laugh until it hurts, get worked up about random minutiae, and can dish up an extra large helping of the snark.

I left the city with a smile in my heart.


suitablegirl said...
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A N N A said...

3V, SJM, Ads, Roopali and YOU?

sounds like the best of the sepia meetup, revisited. speaking of which, anytime GB Chang makes an "appearance", it's a stellar event- it's my fave line, too. glad you turned Americano out. :)

A N N A said...

oh yeah...PICTURES???

Roonie said...

Of course, photos would illustrate this story beautifully...;)