Thursday, January 17, 2008


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Bonne Année!

Gia, backlit, originally uploaded by maisnon.

I love this picture of Gia that I took yesterday. She's gorgeous, of course. But, I also love her "expression" - and how you can see the lynx-hairs at the tops of her ears.

So, Happy New Year, y'all! I have been doing my usual analysis and consideration of the year past, concomittant with planning and strategizing for the upcoming year.

One thing that I know I want is to be more organized and productive. That is something that I intend to write about here. (I'll come up with a tag for it - and then if it bores you, you can avoid it.) Why is this one of big goals for 2008? Well, similar to when I studied for the Bar exam, I find that my attention span is pretty shot. It's not even attention, it's my doing span. It's only with great difficulty that I can stay completely focused and on task for more than 15 minutes. I know that this is something that I can improve.

There are so many things that I want to do, and see, and try, etc. Being more organized would make me more productive, and give me more time, as well. My first step was to purchase the eBook Zen to Done, which I am now reading. It is a variation on David Allen's (in)famous Getting Things Done. I own that book, and really tried to make it work for me - but it just didn't. This system seems much more my speed. In particular, it stresses adopting/changing one habit a month - something that I experimented with this year, and enjoyed. I'm very excited - in a year, I'll be (finally! finally!) organized.