Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Magnetism, Part .... who even knows anymore

So, a mere 6 months ago I purchased my first Mac (also known as My Precious.) And .. earlier this week, My Precious' hard drive bit the dust. Faithful readers may remember that this isn't the first time I've had mechanical problems. And, naturally, the backup drive that I had purchased arrived last week and hadn't been used yet.

The best part, for me, was when I picked up my laptop from the so-called Genius Bar and chica said "And since it's under warranty, you saved $320!!" I, of course, said "Uh, no - you sent out a product that BROKE and HARD within 6 months."

Will I trust My Precious again? Yes, I think so. Will I get on with using my backup drive? Hells yes. Game on!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh no they DI'INT!!!!

I saw this sign while our shuttle got us lost in Redwood City/Menlo Park.


Lady. Parts. Auto.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I'm a big fan of not closing the loop, apparently. BUT, I've decided to dot the i and cross the t.

My random meeting with bloggers extraordinaire was because I crashed one of the BlogHer parties. Yes, in true cheap-ass desi ish-tyle, I didn't pay for the conference, but managed to get on the invite list for the Guy Kawasaki/Kirsty party.

Behold - the largest paella in the world. Sadly, with my photography skeelz, this looks like I just macro'd in on it. Nope, it's truly truly ginormous.

We took a shuttle from the Westin St. Francis in the city ... all the way down to ..... 1 mile away from where I used to live. And thank god for that, really. Our shuttle got well and truly lost, and I was able to get us back on track ... and en route to largest paella and redonkulous swag bags!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Why You Should Never Come to Me For Advice or Commentary

LittleBro: so i found out tonight that the girl i'm seeing has wrestled someone in jello
maisnon: hmmm.
wait, so have i
in high school
LittleBro: seriously?
maisnon: and not that much jello
i'm not sure that i did any actual wrestling
LittleBro: does the amount make any difference?
maisnon: i think we basically just threw it at each other
LittleBro: oh

Friday, July 18, 2008


So, y'all know about my obsession with all things Google, including Google Reader. (Although, truth be told, Google Maps has been fucking with me recently - in LA, the East Bay, and Daly City. All places where one does not need the fucking around.) I digress - I have my Google Reader divided into categories that work for me. A small sampling: desi, feminista, pollyannasunshine (i.e. all of the self-help, lifehack type blogs.)

I realized that I've been playing a little game with one of the categories. It is very simply named "people I know." Pretty basic. BUT, BUT - I get this ridiculous thrill from moving blogs from a different category (maybe misc, or fun) and into this one. (I even moved PostSecret after I went to a book reading and met Frank.) I also like it when I meet new peeps who have blogs and get to add them.

So, big announcement.... I met SJ of I, Asshole! And in my total blogcrush way, I managed to make her feel NOT AT ALL UNCOMFORTABLE by opening with "So, I haven't been, like, STALKING YOU..." Yeah, social skeelz - I have them. She was chillaxin with Squid. I managed to tell them a dating story that made both of their jaws drop simultaneously. I considered my work done. I also met Maggie of MightyGirl. I was even more teenage boy with her: "Um, I read your blog." Awkward Silence. Crickets. She was v. v. gracious, but man - I need to get some "I read your shit online" game.

I will write more about how/why these fabulous meetings took place. Just wanted to gloat that I get to move TWO blogs into my "people I know category", and ADD a new blog to it! World domination - here I come!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


At the coffeshop, I overhear an older guy talking to a woman about her LARGE dog parked outside. She says that she is a rescue, and he turns to her and says, 'We're all rescues." He nods to his wife and continues, "There's my rescuer."


Sunday, July 06, 2008


She'd been telling me about her new guy for WEEKS, emphasizing how incredibly hot he was. Naturally, I was interested in meeting this outstanding physical specimen.

Let's just say that he is somewhat less than stunning. (And let's also say that she does NOT read this blog!) I was a little dumbfounded: my friend - my whipsmart, gorgeous, accomplished friend - had practically foamed at the mouth about this man's physical charms. And here he was, smiling and shaking my hand in the coffeeshop. I won't get into the flaws, but they were there, and not in a "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts" way that might have worked.

I sipped at my ice tea and watched them. She touched his hand when making a point, he couldn't keep his eyes off of her. At some point during the hour, my icy surprise melted. It was all so sweet without being saccharine. He's super-gorgeous in her eyes because of their connection. I don't see it in him, but I don't have to. He makes her glow, and really, that's worth at least 2 points on the hotness scale.