Wednesday, October 31, 2007


wt: Are you coming over to watch scary movies?
maisnon: Yes, but, um ... I'm really bad at scary movies.
wt: Let's pick some that aren't then, "Dawn of the Dead"?
maisnon: Hmm, maybe. How about "Dead Again"? Or "Diabolique"
wt: Possible.
maisnon: Or we could go old skool and watch "Silence of the Lambs."
wt: about America's Next Top Model?
maisnon: Omigod, YES! Because, seriously, who is scarier than Tyra?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

peel me a grape

A friend, describing dinner with a mutual friend, told me that he had ordered dessert for his "not girlfriend." Knowing exactly which dessert someone says something about the relationship, she said.

I thought about that later, about how I could tell you exactly how most of my male friends order their coffee, which ones have a sweet tooth, etc. Then again, I think male-female friendships are very different depending on which person you are in the relationship.

Recently, I was at brunch with castaña. At the end of the meal, she asked me for some lip shit. With some hesitation, I passed her the Sherry Baby (Origins) lipstick I had in my purse. (Hesitation because, while sheer, it's pretty intense for a Sunday afternoon ... um, for a white person.) She looked at it a little askance and said, "No, the other lip gloss that you carry in your purse." I rooted around and found the Mimosa (Philosophy) lip gloss I do always carry, but I was a little distracted. It stunned me a little to be that predictable, that known. It thrills me a little, but it also freaks me out and makes me want to take off in new and unexpected directions.

(As an aside, how do you get a job naming makeup shades?)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Still life, originally uploaded by maisnon.

Weekend update, y'all!

It's been weeks (months?) since I've written one! My life is still as hectic and glamorous as ever. Evidence: Friday night, I headed to IKEA with one of the new associates. Don't be jealous, I know my life is just too sexxy!

Saturday involved ... putting together the dining table. I know, the party just don't STOP! I headed to wt's for a par-tay. Actual social interaction, bestill my heart!

Sunday involved booting around team with my Bar Support Teamtm. I've made mention of castaña and her mother before. Her mom was in town because one of her watercolors won a prize from the California Watercolor Association, and that painting is in a show at the Presidio. We met for brunch then headed over to the show. The Presidio is an odd little throwback, like entering Pleasantville - a small slice of the 1950s. We headed back to castaña's place and watched "30 Rock." Dude, I have such a girl crush on Tina Fey. She's so smart, and funny, and pretty - I wish she were my friend. Sigh.

Humor: We met up with friend's of castaña's mum and went to dinner at
Henry's Hunan. When it came time to order, the person to my right selected the dish I had planned on ordering. I hemmed and hawed for 0.2 seconds, and the waitress decided I needed a suggestion. What did she suggest? Yes, that's right the chicken "curry." Because what else would the Indian girl want at a Hunan restaurant?

The spaces in the weekend were filled with watching Prison Break. Wentworth Miller joins my legion of boyfriends. The hott++

And that concludes my weekend, back to our regularly scheduled programming!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Welcome to the Ministry

Dear Rev. maisnon,


This is to confirm that maisnon has been ordained as a minister of theUniversal Life Church, Modesto, California. Date of Ordination: 10/11/2007 by Kevin Andrews, Pastor


Ordination is for life, without price, and without question of your specific beliefs. You do not need to pay any tithe, donation, or offering of any kind, now or in the future.P lease note that you have NOT been ordained "by Internet" or "online." The Universal Life Church is a "regularly established church or congregation" and all ordinations are done as the deliberate, thoughtful, and responsible act of a human being, not by a computer.

Universal Life Church ordination is not limited to the officiation of marriage. This is an important distinction, as in some jurisdictions, ministers who are ordained for the sole purpose of officiating marriage are not authorized by the state to officiate marriage in those jurisdictions. As a minister, you are authorized by the church to perform all peaceful rites and ceremonies of the church, including weddings, funerals, baptisms, blessings, and to preach, teach and hold meetings. Prior to conducting any civil ceremony (such as marriage), you should know and comply with the laws pertaining to your area of jurisdiction.

You are entitled to all privileges and courtesies normally offered to members of the clergy.

Your commitment is to always do the right thing. It is your responsibility to peacefully and sincerely determine the right course of action, and to avoid infringing on the rights of others.


DUDE! I'm ordained and shit!

So, uh, I'm available for weddings, and meetings, and such.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Sha/LANGE! *

I've spent some time looking at a website called DonorsChoose, which enables teachers throughout the country to write brief requests for funding and put them on the internet. The majority of the schools affected are in areas of low-income.

The site allows people surfing the site to donate money to these projects. You can spread your money across different projects, or choose to fund one project. I found a number of projects that I wanted to donate to, and thought that I could share it with my (three) readers. I have set up a "challenge" through the website. I would like to raise $2,500 for a number of projects at schools in the SF-area.

Some of the requests are heartbreakingly simple, and others show exactly how determined teachers are to provide the best possible start to their young charges. If you would like to donate, please click on the link above, or the comically large thermometer on the left-side of the page. If you feel so moved, please share with friends.

* - One of my favorite "Cosby Show" episodes featured Mr. Huxtable breakin' it DOWN, tap-dance "style" with Rudy's tap teacher. (The latter REALLY knew how to dance!)