Thursday, July 01, 2004

Issue 6: Yoshi’s

We get invited to a lot of fun dinners etc. for groups that the firm is involved with, or sponsors. Jeet (the Indian partner I've mentioned before) sent out an invite to a pro bono group's cocktail hour. It was lovely - good wine, etc. etc. Here's the point of the story - I was trying to duck out, so I found Jeet to say goodbye. He introduced me to one of the pro bono group types, that guy's wife came over and we all chatted for a bit, and I left. The next day, Jeet told me that guy's wife had thought that we (Jeet and I) were married. That's right - the two Indian people in the joint HAVE to be married to each other. I had a good laugh, but apparently, she was mortified, doubly so because she's an employment lawyer.

Saturday, I headed up to Oakland to Yoshi's - world famous Japanese steakhouse and jazz joint. I somehow forgot how much I love live music. Actually, I seem to remember that every time I see someone live, and then I forget it again. (I'm the same way about submarine sandwiches: I always think I don't like them, but I don't mind them when I do have them.) All music is expressive, of course, but jazz seems more so...the phrasing, the improvisation, etc. Dee Dee Bridgewater was phenomenal. The show was very intimate - small venue, and the music was too - in the middle of "La Belle Vie", Dee Dee started crying. During the last song, Yoshi (the proprietress) came out and did some kind of interpretive dance (scarf and all.)
We had a "luau" at work - not really, just kitschy "Hawaiian" stuff. Most important: a hula hoop competition! One of my secret shames: I can not hula-hoop to save my life. So, of course, I did not compete. But, I did manage to semi-permanently borrow the hula-hoop for my office. People drop by to visit, and hula hoop - very fun. I've been practicing every day, and so far no luck (although, I do manage to crack myself up a lot. I'm not giving up! By the end of the summer (hopefully), I will have overcome my inability to 'hoop.' Next thing you know, I'll be able to ice skate (yet another no-longer-so-secret shame.)

I had too many after school activities this week. The gamblers in the summer associate group organized a poker night. Just as I was far behind the curve re: blackjack, it seems that everyone has more of a notion as to how to play poker. The firm took us, along with some associates and partners, to Malibu Grand Prix! Mini-golf (which I suck at)! Go-carts! Little race-cars (which I also suck at.) Arcade games (which I was smart enough not to go near)!

Next week: the 4th of July report from LA!

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suitablegirl said...

eeeek! i LOVE malibu grand prix! you're making me sooo homesick.

also, i think it's cute you can't hula hoop. or couldn't. perhaps now you can?

also, you're a REALLY good writer!

also, why am i the only one commenting? you need press, gf. write a few more posts so i can get you on the SM sidebar already! :)