Friday, June 03, 2005


Oooh La La La
It's the way that we rock when we're doing our thang

Do you remember when you first heard the Fugees? I do. It was one of Jesse's hip hop nights at Stages (the beginning of my "I'm with the DJ" years.) The place had cleared out (not that there's much more clearing necessary when it's a Tuesday night.) Rick was doing the typical male hip hop dance move (hunch-y shoulders, left foot goes forward, left foot goes back, right foot goes forward, right foot goes back, head bob, head bob. Repeat.) The music started, then the beat, then Lauryn's voice.

"Ready or Not" came on the radio as I was driving to school this morning. I hummed along with Lauryn, and hit the first words at exactly the right moment. Why do I know all the lyrics to a song from 10 years ago, but can't remember what I just read? If someone explained the statute of frauds to me with a smooth flow over some tight beats... Lauryn, give me a call - I have a real career opportunity for you.


suitablegirl said...

huh. i can't remember my first fugee...but i do have a very sweet memory that involves "killing me softly" (which is actually my least fave fugee hit!)

spontaneously driving to berkeley for masala dosa with sapna, it came on the radio, sunroof of my venerable old benz wiiiide open, two seniors in college without a REAL care in the world. we both started singing along. this was a big deal, b/c sapna IS a singer. so NO ONE sings when sapna is singing. i didn't care, the sun was so bright and the moment was so perfect...after the song ended, she turned to me and said, "not bad!" :) ah, memories. thanks for reminding me.

jm said...

My vast store of Fugees knowledge is the proximate cause of my continued poor performance on Torts MBE practice exams. But for the brain cells co-opted by the Fugees, I would be able to ace the MBE.

Damn that Wyclef Jean.