Saturday, June 04, 2005

I'm a bad way, part II

During exams, procrastination becomes high art. This last go-round, one night I told DTG that I have been quoted in just about every newspaper EVER. To prove the point to him, I googled myself (an unsavory, and slightly embarassing business.)

I was truly shocked when, in addition to the news links I expected, a hit on a blog that I had just started reading that week came up. His coverage of me being quoted partout:

This quote is from a story about cancelled flights: ''I am irritated,'' said maisnon, a law student from Washington who was supposed to be on a canceled British Airways flight. ''I am sure there are reasons but I do wish we had known what was going on earlier.''Those pesky terrorists! Why won't they give us more of a heads up?I love that quote, "I am sure there are reasons..." Did she just wake up from a three-year coma?

Wow. So, yet again, I surf the web and, but in expected places. And yet again, I'm FAMOUS, but in a "people-think-I'm-an-idiot" way.

This is what happened: I was on a flight between Heathrow and Dulles that was cancelled. They'd cancelled the same flight the day before, so I had called British airways ALL day. I booked it across London, only to have the flight cancelled while I unloaded my bag. I broke my own little rule and talked to the press. AP, Reuters, BBC, ABC, et al interviewed me as one of the passengers on the cancelled flight. I said I was annoyed that they hadn't cancelled the flight earlier, which was spun in the stories as "maisnon is annoyed, but other passengers are glad the airline is looking out for safety." I wanted to get back to school come HELL or HIGHWATER.

And let's have a look at the above quote: the "I am irritated" is PURE me, as any of my friends will attest to, but the rest of I channeling Mary Poppins? Did I suddenly become British after 2 days in Merry Olde England? Shouldn't I have said "I am cross"?

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