Friday, June 24, 2005

NB: Build me Up, Buttercup

Ramblings about Bar stuff:
  • Sakai and Honigsberg are the Good Cop/Bad Cop of Cal BarBri. "You will fail if you don't write an essay everyday" v. "FABULOUS!! PASS! PASS! PASS!"
  • I'm starting to cut my losses on the MBE. For the remaining subjects, I will attend the lecture, and make flashcards. I will only consult CMR if there is a section of a subject that I am TOTALLY unclear on. It's taking too long, and I think my time is better spent on working on the essay, and PT section
  • Starting the 11th, I will be writing an essay a day. The more practice I do, the more comfortable I feel (and hopefully, sooner rather than later, comfortable will become confident.)
  • I'm also hoping to write a performance test every weekend. This is how I've prepared for every standardized test since the PSATs (yes, I did practice tests for them - welcome to having Indian parents! ;) )
  • A huge part of the PT seems to be getting over perfectionism, identifying the issue, writing something (even if it is wrong), and moving the HELL on. Point taken, Honigsberg, stop freakin' yelling at me.
  • You know what would make HUGE money? Designing a network cable that would enable a student to upload all of their flashcards into memory! I have about 300 at this point, and we haven't touched the Cal topics yet. My goal is to flip through the cards for 1-2 topics a day. After the lectures end, I will settle down to the business of "powering up" on all the rules.

Some good news: my attention span has increased (and thanggod!) When BarBri started, I could only focus for about 5 minutes at a time (and I'm not exaggerating.) Now ,I can go about 45 min at a time. Our class has FINALLY done a little on each part of the exam, and I'm feeling a wee bit more confident now - and I'm nurturing that. A huge part of this exam is mental - I know that by showtime I'll have the resources I need. It's not about being perfect, or knowing everything - it's about keeping your head, being smart, and just plugging away.


Heather said...

Getting over the perfectionist thing is issue #1 for me. I think at the top of my scratch paper for every essay/PT I'm going to write: "WHO CARES IF YOU'RE WRONG?!"

And the paced schedule pretty much has us doing an essay a day by the 11th, so that might be helpful.

Off-topic - did you go to college in canada?

maisnon said...

Um, yeah, I am a Queen's grad. Did I tell you that? Or do you know someone that knows me? Or...?

Heather said...

the p.i. i have tailing you told me, er, um...what?

eve said...

I feel the same way about the attention span. When I first started, 40 minutes was tough. Now I'm ** pretty much ** doing at least 5/hr a day. Amazing!

Roonie said...

I am wondering if I'm gonna make flashcards for the Cal topics. I'm not sure if that's the best way (for me, anyway) to handle essay topics. I haven't decided that yet. We just hit Remedies on Thursday, but I've still got some loose ends in Property and Evidence to tie up (mainly essays).

CJinSOCAL said...

How do you guys feel about how you did on the bar exam? I am repeating the Cal Bar in Feb, and I too am a perfectionist. How can you hit ALL the issues and know which elements they want fully discussed when the test is timed...I personally think that every issue is important, and I feel the need to discuss each element fully..After all, don't they tell us to write the test like we are talking to someone who is not a lawyer??? How did you manage your perfectionism within the time constraints?? What do you believe you did right? What would you do differently?? Did you like your bar prep course? Did your bar prep correctly identify topics covered on the exam? Thanks..please let me know...

Anonymous said...

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