Saturday, June 18, 2005

NB: View from Week 3

A jug of wine, a loaf of bread, a BarBri outline, and thou...

(1) My first essay came back with these comments:


Wow. Absolutely no advice on how I could improve my score. I guess I should be happy (?)

(2) I think that I'm getting a lot out of Stragedy, version 2.0. I've actually started adding flashcards from the CMR, and I think it's worth it. (After the "you don't need to know malicious prosection/abuse of process" Torts essay debacle, I decided I better start going through the CMR.) For the devotees of StudySmart, it's on there! Just select textbook, and it has the CMR for all of the MBE subjects.

(3) I'm not sure how many of you took the BarBri first year semester reviews. I did, and much as I love Dick, and Paula, etc. etc. - it's pretty hard to listen to the SAME LECTURE again. It's not so much even the lecture, as the jokes, the songs, the examples that start to annoy.

(4) I'm getting over my essay procrastination. I make it a 2 hour thing. First hour - outline essays 1,2, and 3. Second hour, write the essay and turn that sucker in! By doing that, I find that I have a good idea of the strategy/organization I'm going to use for that topic. I'm hoping that soon, I'll get it together and assign myself an essay a day.

(5) Performance Test. I'm a *little* anxious that we haven't touched this area yet, and won't until next Thursday (6/23), but it's not like I don't have enough to keep me busy until then! ;)

The pic: me studying Property by candlelight in a coffeeshop. If only Paula Franzese had been there she could have lit up the night with her awesome display of bling. During the lecture, when she would "give us the pope" (i.e. show us the back of her hand) - or heaven forfend, give us the pope with both hands -my mouth would drop open, and I'd totally lose track of what she was saying.


Heather said...

f'ing malicious prosecution.

her bling was a little mesmerizing, wasn't it? i bet her friends all have cornea damage. i wonder if she started doing 'the pope' after she got married, because that's not a natural movement for most people.

suitablegirl said...

whatever will i do
on future nights at tryst/amsterdam
...without you?



OTOH, the "pope" imagery has me cackling. brilliant. ;)

Chai said...

T exclaimed, "HOW DO YOU WOMEN SEE THAT??"
Now, Maisnon, how would you answer?

I said to him, "It's BLINDING!!" I then proceeded to hit him on the head. Though he thinks the hit equates to "i-want-that-type-of ring" it really doesn't. I got sad when I thought of the number children soldiers and African people who have died for that damn ring. PAULA!!!!

I immediately Googled her husband's name, went to his profile on the firm's website, but could not find his picture. Does anyone have it? I am really curious...

I am also curious of how Cherm's kids turned out.
And the partner of the tort's prof.

I'm such a girl.

Heather said...

Fayza has a picture! she's holding out on us....

maisnon said...

Mmmyeah....glad to see we're all getting a lot of work done! ;)

Seriously - BLING-A-RAMA!! You wanna talk ice? She's an ICE MACHINE! I don't even know how she closes her hand. I don't think she can make a fist

Anonymous said...


Yup...sounds like a 60.

Spinal Bar

jm said...

Fayza - you must disgorge the picture, stat! I didn't get to seek the bling, and feel as if it would greatly advance my knowledge of Real Property... :)

Roonie said...

I'll see if I can dig it up.

In the meantime, WTF is Strategy 2.0?

Roonie said...

Okay, I posted it.