Friday, June 10, 2005

Nota bene: Stragedy, version 2.0

Okay, so if you're going to be weirded out reading my new study theories, don't read further.

I think that we all found our way in law school by figuring out what works for us as individuals. For me, I know that I have to REPEAT things, and try and see it in different forms. From our scary-ass "Essay Workshop" today, I realize that I need to get on the ball with the essays PDQ.

SO, here is my plan:

  • Drills & Questions: When we have completed a topic, do all drills and questions. I'm moving over to StudySmart b/c (1) it keeps track of how you do in subtopics of each area, and (2) it pops up the answer for each Q as you finish it - which is how I make progress - seeing where I was off right away.
  • Notes/Outlines: I'm still typing in notes taken in class into the Word docs to review on a daily basis. I try to make my own condensed outline - helps me understand how the topics fit together, and will help on essays. Maybe work in some CMR here, or in the...
  • Flashcards: I'm not sure when, if ever, I'll look at these bad boys - but it REALLY helps me to write the material out. It's an active doing, as opposed to typing. And it's a 3rd run-through the material.
  • Essays: NO MORE PROCRASTINATING! I liked Sakai's idea about using MBE questions as jumping off points to practice writing a specific issue, no idea when this will happen - but I'll try it someday.
  • Review: Per Sakai's advice/lecture, I'm hoping to spend 1 hour a day reviewing material from earlier on. I am hoping to use the info from StudySmart to target areas that I don't get - hello CMR and detailed outline I've been assiduously avoiding!

That's not so much, is it?


Neha said...

O wow, edumakation, that is SO much. Just to reiterate the point I'm trying to make this very *sober* 2:24 am Sat. morning, WOW. I shall now go call my parents and apologize profusely for not following the ol' phd dream.

eve said...

You are one of those overachiever types, right? :)

I also type my own outlines for the big picture and then flashcards for the definition so I can access them easily in my brain without having to waddle through my mental outline.

Another place to find practice essay questions could be your State Bar website - they usually have several past exams as well as sample answers.

Roonie said...

More or less, after talking to you, I've begun to do the same thing. I love making flashcards too, except who knows when I'll look at them again! Oh well, one day we will (maybe flying to CA?). The only thing I can't see myself getting to is Sakai's suggestion about doing MBE questions for little essays. Great idea, where's the time? But the one hour/one subject per day is a great rule of thumb from Sakai. That's why I don't feel SO guilty if I can't finishing reviewing MBE answers all in one day. I'll leave it for my one hour review the next day, while moving onto another subject.

I think you're my study icon :)

Chai said...

Aww, a study icon. That's such an honour Maisnon!

I love Sakai's advice of the one hour review. I believe that is very efficient use of time.

I'm struggling w/the BB software because if I get 5 questions wrong in row (i.e., Contracts), I get so bummed out. I've been trying not to let my morale go to shits, but contracts is a real tester. Anyway, those are my two cents about studying.

I still feel like I'm f-ing behind. I HATE that feeling.

maisnon said...


Mmyeah, I must not have been clear - this is my "PIE-IN-THE-SKY" studyplan.

Roonie said...

I'm TOTALLY behind. TOTALLY. Going over 77 questions at one pop isn't a 2 or 3 hour deal. It's a day's work in and of itself. But that's kinda how you have to do them on Study Smart. I was also behind in reading outlines, I just caught up with that today, but the assignments for today haven't yet been touched...which means a longer night/earlier morning just to get some stuff done :(

my detritus said...

shit. starting monday? i will if you will.