Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Overheard, the jet set version

  • I'd sell my mama on K street to pay for BarBri.*
  • MA! Airplane on fire! MA! Airplane on fire! (The airplane was not, in fact, on fire - but there were random billows of smoke from something near the airplane. The kid's yelling made everyone sit up and take notice, and titter nervously. People waiting in airports have a weird version of gallows humor.)
  • Well, my ticket says Northwest, but the gate says Delta, and someone is telling me it's a codeshare with Continental. So it's every airline in the U.S., apparently. (Okay, that one was me.)
  • So....when are you going home (my best friend, said in the car - PICKING ME UP AT THE AIRPORT!!! Good times, good times! ;) )

So, apparently, my study plan should have been to fly across the country repeatedly. I did so much work in the airport, on the plane, etc. That may just be correlation - I think the fire under my ass has well and truly been lit - it's about damn time!

* even if you don't know DC's more tawdry side, I think you can figure out what this means.


Heather said...

i got a ton of work done on the way home too, it was downright amazing. i'm always bringing something i need to work on or study, and it always sits in my bag for eight hours - not this time!

and i was also on one of those delta/continental things - i was trying to remember if one bought out the other, but who knows anymore.

glad you made it home safe - don't you just miss cali when you stay away too long?

suitablegirl said...

i'm proud of you-- studying while in transit. what a bar-exam-taking rockstar. :)