Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Home Depot

I've been spending more time than I'd like in hardware/home improvement stores, and my favorite "kids say the darnedest things" moment is floating on the surface of my mind.

My friend's son, for some reason, could not remember my name. So, he'd be in the midst of telling me a story and run over to his mom to stage whisper, "Um, what's her name again?" This cracked me up because (1) it's not exactly necessary to call someone by name repeatedly in a story, but it is a child's way of making sure that you are paying attention, (2) he could have asked me. I guess he decided to come up with a memory device for himself because the next time he told me a story he called me (ready for it?): Home Deepa.

Yup, especially from a 5-year old that is friggin' brilliant. I laughed so hard that he kept calling me that. AND it's original!! So few jokes/plays on names are original by the time you're out of high school. I was really impressed.

A few days later, I was interviewing gyms, and the sales rep said to me, "Oh, like Office Depot?" I gave him quite the withering look and told him that a 5 year old had made the same joke. FIVE.

Poor thing, his timing was off - if he'd said it a week earlier, I would have been amused.


oodles said...

Still, that's pretty funny :)
And, welcome to California??!!

brimful said...

You shouldn't have told us... even though it will be played out, I'll be using Home Deepa all the time now. Or maybe Office Deepa if you're not spending all your time interior decorating in the Bay Area!

Maitri said...

Someone else knows how I feel when grown adults ask, "Oh, like My Tree?" It's a blast around Christmas time. *blech*

Law ala Lor said...

I spent the whole weekend with my godson who is 3---they tend to know no tact when in public! Apparently when I jumped in the pool, the top of my suit rode up a little too much (nothing too extreme)but unbeknownst to me...so as loud as could be he revealed ---auntie - - your boob is out!_---

I too am off to the Depot -- selling and buying a home! UGH!

I share your pain!

shell said...

LOL kids - they say the darnest things.

You're so not going to live that one down though.. it's too cute!

Chai said...

I could never get my dad's name when I was young. Whenever I was asked to spell it, I would have the excitment people had of spelling Mississippi. Even to this day, his name is an amazing collection of letters.

suitablegirl said...

heyyy...you girls...uh...wanna party? ;)


oh, how i'll miss the stupid, alcohol-drenched men you attract... :D

Saucy Lil' Tart said...

Kids are so funny funny funny.

Saheli said...

You know, that's really cute for the little kid, but re: the sales rep--do grownups really say Deepa instead of Deep-o?

maisnon said...

Oh the guy who called me "Deep-o" was making a joke. Usually, people say my name as Deppa (and spell it that way after I've pronounced it.)

andrea said...

I've been Laundry-a since about fifth grade. I feel your pain.