Tuesday, August 30, 2005

how do you catch the sparrow?

All the girls walked by dressed up for each other

Slicking on some lip gloss and checking to see if my mascara had clumped, I realized this was the most makeup I'd had on in weeks, if not months. In fact, this was the most trouble I'd taken regarding my appearance in quite some time - and it was all to meet a girlfriend. There's a lot of truth in that line - my girlfriends are the ones who notice (and appreciate) the new shoes, and know your wardrobe well enough to have a favorie shirt. It's for them, and myself that I dress.

The night was just about perfect: bookstore time with vapid women's magazines I'd hate to support by actually buying, wide-ranging conversation, frites, and a very productive car confab. (Whenever I drop this friend off, no matter how late, we always seem to end up chatting for another hour.)

The evening distilled down to this perfect prism that I'll hang in the bay window of my mind, to reflect on at stoplights and airport gates.


brimful said...

We also dress up for our gay bfs. I'm just saying. ;)

Peppermint Patty said...

That's funny...my husband often comments that I dress up more for my girlfriends than for him!

Sofia said...
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