Thursday, August 11, 2005

Sad songs they say so much

Follow-up on my last post: wow, my shuffle contains a lot of down-beat songs. Here's my new (and growing) list of music not to listen to when cornflower blue:

  • Portishead
  • Pink Floyd
  • Tori Amos
  • Joni Mitchell
  • the Cure
  • Joan Armatrading
  • Counting Crows


krustymol said...

<3 Portishead.

What kind of shuffle do you have, the 512MB or 1GB? I'm thinking of getting one soon....

maisnon said...

I have the 512 mb. I knew that I wanted a shuffle for the gym, and a normal iPod for the actual "music collection." (Note: I had enough Lexis points to get a shuffle, but not an iPod - otherwise, the calculus may have been different.)

The 512 totally suits my needs, I've used it for long flights, etc. Love it!

brimful said...

Okay... step away from the Smiths. Seriously, that will put you over the edge in this situation.

Joan Armatrading has been known to put me into weeklong depressions in the past. That g*dd*mn Weakness in Me business turns me into a puddle of mud.

Also, when I used to work in the lab, I used to tell everyone Sour Times was my theme song. I have problems!

cg-c said...

My shuffle only has upbeat dance/techno music, 'cuz I have to have music that gets me going when I'm working out.

To add to the music list, I find that the soundtrack to the movie 'The Red Violin' makes my heart just break. It's such a great film, and the music is just so tragically beautiful. (& I don't think you have to be a violinist to appreciate it.)

Maitri said...

For the workout, I put all of my techno/electronica/hip-hop/headbanger songs under BEAT. The rest have their own genres or remain unpigeonholed.

The Smiths aren't so bad when you're blue. Morrissey cracks me up because I had the hugest crush on him until I found out that he don't play that way. Sigh. My naivete makes me laugh now. At any rate, I believe Williaaaaam, William, It Was Really Nothing, This Charming Man and Panic are jig-worthy material.

Portishead ... meeemories of writing my first masters thesis and how it was a good thing I switched to Orbital.

Are you sure you and I don't have the same iPod? New Amar Chitra Katha classic - The 10 Incarnations of iPod.

Roonie said...

I do not know who Joan Armatrading is! I thought I knew music! Who is this femme fatale?