Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Gym Shorts

  • I see the irony in watching "Celebrity Fit Club" while doing cardio at the gym. (But, does it ever make the time whiz by.)
  • Are there still women who get dolled up for the gym? Seriously? I thought that was over by ... 2nd year of college.
  • Dude, lay off the bench press and do something about your chicken legs. Your center of gravity is so high that if someone tapped you, you'd fall over.
  • Gym fashion, best not to dwell on this one.
  • Gym as community center: one of my professors (who's had a heart transplant!!) goes to my gym, his daughter is a trainer here, the receptionist always asks me how law school, the Bar, etc. is going.
  • Man, I'm going to miss this place.

1 comment:

jm said...

LOVE the chicken legs comment - I used to tell my husband that all the time!