Wednesday, October 05, 2005

pampas grass

"Work" has started. I've been "trained" to within an inch of having my brain explode. I'm cycling through phases: excited as hell about the work I'll get to do, worried that it will take over my life, and wondering if anyone else can tell that I'm a total fraud and don't actually know ANYTHING.

Oddly, it's not the momentous, life-changing event of actually starting my career that's getting to me. I'm being pulled apart by a million small annoyances. None of them are weighty enough for me to be able to point to and say "This...this is what is bothering me." It's just the collective weight. I feel like my life right now is this super-cute pair of shoes that I'm just noticing pinches my instep.

I'm trying to savor the little moments: a cuddle with Gia this morning, ridiculously sensual pomegranate sorbet at Left Bank, the quiet hum of finally (finally) having an office all to myself.


Snubligent said...

Man... an office to yourself is like the top reason for being a lawyer. I was so excited to find out that this was standard fare for us.

brimful said...

Amen to the million small annoyances.

I love having my office- I'm convinced it's the only reason I remain at my current job!

maisnon said...

Dude - I came from software engineering, i.e. the cubefarm way of life. I'm thrilled to have a door (and a *window*)!!!

Although, I'm kind of weirded out about having a secretary.

A room of one's own is indeed a fine thing.

Sushant Bhatia said...

Hehe Cubefarm. Thats the first time i've ever heard it refered to that way. I was lucky to have an office of my own when I was doing research/development for a lab on campus. Of course, I had to "store" my three monitors in a "secure" location so I managed to get a nice room.

Have you ever slept in your office? Ever used 3 chairs in a row to lie down? Ahh...good times!!!

Roonie said...

*sigh* The beginning of a long trek ahead...why do I want to start yet I know I will hate it?