Monday, November 14, 2005


Some off-handed quips stick with you. A few weeks ago, brimful and I were on our second date. I was loving the lounge, but, being the misanthrope that I often am, complaining that I wanted all the people to leave so that I could chill there with maybe....20 friends. Brimful suggested having my birthday there in Jan., and I suddenly realized I don't have twenty friends in the vicinity.

I found myself counting on my fingers ... and not getting past the ring finger on the first hand. I started adding in work friends, and their SOs/partners, and I realized I was stretching. One of the things I miss most from DC is having a deep and varied pool of friends. Gym friends, coffee buddies, happy hour invitees, former coworkers, designated movie dates, people who used to date my friends, swing kids, etc. etc.

I'm developing my pool slowly here, and that's exactly as it should be. Finding people you vibe with takes a long time. I've started referring to The Star as Number 2 (or as I prefer 0002) in my own version of the employee number game. I'm not going to make it to twenty in time for my 31st (unless I import some from the east coast), but that's okay - maybe something more like a dinner party. :)


vinu said...

don't worry girl, time shall find more friends!! and yeah, I just moved back from Berkeley to India. If you need more friends .. I wud be more than happy to introduce you to great ppl!

suitablegirl said...

among your varied list, you forgot "clarendon" friends, since that's the only place we ever haunted in NoVa...TCF, B+N, Faccia Luna, the Grill... :)

i'd rather be your Tryst with Frites friend though, after typing all that. ;)

Saheli said...

I hope you counted me. :-)

Salil said...

did I make the cut, too? I bet I was the ringfinger.

How Nine Inch Nails... :-)

maisnon said...
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maisnon said...

saheli - so schweet of you!

For your blogger photo alone, salil, you make the list :)

I'm all a-twitter - I may break single digits before the end of the month! ;)

Roonie said...

You are one of the most likable and easy to get along with people I've ever met. You'll have no problems expanding, just be patient, mi querida amiga.

brimful said...

Don't believe the hype, yo, this chick already has more friends than me in the Bay Area. Granted, that still might leave her in the single digits, but still. I predict a packed house by January.


DesiDancer said...

Having been in NYC only 2 years now, I totally feel you on this. Just last night, Mr. DD asked if I wanted a birthday party this year, and finally I was able to say yes, because I could actually assemble more than 10 people! (unlike the last 2 years where it would have been a rather pathetic showing)

You *just* got there, girlie; have an Un-birthday party in the spring and I'm sure the guest list will be like a desi wedding ;)