Wednesday, December 14, 2005

How do you say?

Update: Thanks to Anonymous commenter, and then others, I now understand the mysteries of the universe. Or, at least, why my statcounter went from 0 to 60.
Here's the cartoon that's blowin' me up with its love.

Also humorous: this blog is the first hit if you Google "mais non" (en anglais).


Since 17 of the last 20 hits on my blog have been people googling "mais non", let me explicate:

Mais = but
non = no

mais non = but no [en français, évidemment]

(Not to be confused with maison - house, or maisnon - i.e., um, me.)


Anonymous said...

The reason for their googling lies here.

ads said...

Hey, you're the first google hit for "mais non." Felicitations!

andrea said...

lol, i got that Penny Arcade comic in my email yesterday :) it's great!

Wonder who's first for 'mais oui' ?

Anonymous said...

yes, but how do you PRONOUNCE it? that's what we're all searching for

maisnon said...

Ah, so.

mais is pronounced like "may."

non is a little harder, maybe something like "nunh."