Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Main Hoon Na

Getting lost. Being late. Not being able to find parking.

"I'll take what makes maisnon crankypants for $500, Alex."

Saturday night's debut of the Bay area bloggers Bollywood club in Berkeley (how's that for alliteration?!) did not start out well for me - I was all of the above, no thanks to Google Maps. It's never done me wrong before, but I am seriously reconsidering my allegiance.

The ladies were very gracious about my IST-ness. Let's talk about the crew for a moment: Roop, brimful, and ads - the Bollywood recap diva (in her habitat.) My cup runneth over, truly.

On to the monthly Bollywood review (I know I promised Sholay - but that's looking like January): as one of the ladies aptly put it, Main Hoon Na is a weird splicing of The Matrix and Grease. I wonder if they added in the Pakistan/India political action thriller part (1) to make the plot even more precarious, and (2) so they could make full use of the special effects they straight up ripped from the Hong Kong scene. At one point, SRK dips backwards at the knees to avoid bullets, i.e. Neo's signature move.

Overall, the movie is good, cheesy fun. If you can't laugh at acid-washed jeans, pitiable wigs, Trapper-Keepers that coordinate with the skimpy sari of the day, and personal wind systems - what can you laugh at?? Screening it with les filles made it even better - all three had seen it before; ads has broken it down into minute detail AND listened to the director's commentary. Some lines I'm now trying to work into conversation: "double battery, single power" (which I think is a put-down), and "Avoid" (said to someone who is annoying you.)

All this and a slice of Mr. Pestatohead pizza? Good times.


eve said...

Good thing you aren't me. Those 3 things are the story of my life! I mean, we're talking subtitle of my autobiography here!! ;)

oodles said...

So, that's where the "double battery, single power" line is coming from? I actually watched this movie over Thanksgiving with my family (hey, it was family bonding time and I went with it, ok?), and I can't remember the line! I think this will require a second viewing with my roommates' new desires for all things Bollywood.

brimful said...

I didn't catch it the first viewing, either, oodles. It rocked the hizzy.

It's awesome that you are co-opting "avoid", D. The bro-seph will love that news.

r)HaN said...

If you felt Main Ho Naa was Cheesy, try Kisna.
This has to be arguably one of Subhash Ghais Worst movie of all time. Yep..All time .
Makes his other duds like Trimurti and Yaadein seem Kurosawaseque.

It has weird rope dance antics by the heroine, Vivek Oberoi Ham Ham Hamming,Bollywood Ishtyle Melodrama and a saving grace in the form of a Mujra sequence by the effervescent Sushmita Sen.

Definitely worth a dekko .