Monday, January 09, 2006


I can't make this shit up.

the Star: So...I know she likes Sid Vicious
maisnon: Ah, the Sex Pistols.
the Star: Uh, no....he's the lead singer of Bon Jovi!
maisnon: WHAT?! Jon Bon Jovi is the lead singer of Bon Jovi
the Star: No!
maisnon: Uh, yes - Sex Pistols were a punk band, and...
the Star: NO! You're wrong. They're heavy metal!
maisnon: This from a guy who thought Sid Vicious was the lead singer of Bon Jovi?!?
the Star: Wait, name a Sex Pistols song.
maisnon: "God Save the Queen"
the Star: I don't know it
maisnon: It was in "Lost in Translation", when they are at the karoake place *
the Star: Are you sure he's not the guy with the tongue?
maisnon: While I'm sure Sid Vicious, in fact, had a tongue, the guy you're thinking of is Gene Simmons, of Kiss.

* Seriously, is it possible for me to have a conversation with someone and not make a movie reference?!


G. said...

"... and then I punched him in the face" is the only proper ending to that post.

maisnon said...

I know, right? But I didn't because (1) he is 24.5 years old, and (2) I thought the whole scene was surreal/hilarious.

sharoncnumbers said...

Now I feel like punching someone in the head.