Monday, February 27, 2006

It's a small world after all

Many lines of thinking that need to be woven together to come close to being coherent. Or I could go more Tarantino-esque and just introduce the themes and wait for it all to come into focus.

Thursday - Berkeley Institute for Law and Technology Job Fair
First of all, so weird to be on the other side of the hiring table! I introduced myself to an attorney at another table and received quite the cold shoulder, so I was loathe to try it again with someone I actually wanted to meet: an attorney who is involved with one of the South Asian groups in the Bay Area (IWL.) Thankfully, she came by our table to trade swag. As we were exchanging contact information, she said, "What are you doing Saturday? My friends are having a party." I said, "Um, do you know Vinod?" Yup, same party. I told Tom (the attorney who came with me) that "we don't all know each other - it just looks like that right now.

Friday - Mr. Smith's in the city
Accompanied Roop to her cousin's friend's bday (?) ... where I ran into ... Vinod. Also saw P. Escobar, the Marxist and the Cowboy. Had an opportunity to lipsynch some Bell Biv Devoe (now you know) as well as my rendition of the Axl dance. Good times, good times.

Hung out with the other epicenter of brown-dom, SJM, and his parents. Going for hard-core tourist, SJM et al, P. Escobar, Roop and I hit the Ghiradelli Square. Shoe shopping, pedicure, and the Thai in short order - and then it was time for Vinod's party. The party was INSANE! I felt the weekend catching up with me, and with a last look I hit the highway.
I leave you with this excerpt from a convo with ads:
ads: if you hang out with vinod and salil long enough, then I guess it will happen eventually.
ads: you will become the center of the desi universe

maisnon: By your powers combined, I am.... DESI PLANET
maisnon: Okay, only funny if you have watched Captain Planet"


Roonie said...

This post was so chock-full of quoteworthy material that I would have to highlight it all to give a true sample.

However, I will highlight my favorites:

I told Tom (the attorney who came with me) that "we don't all know each other - it just looks like that right now.


Hung out with the other epicenter of brown-dom

Okay, so like, that one rocks my socks.

badmash said...

The Axl dance??? No way! I'm an exponent of the dance too. I drive my roomates crazy with it! :)

TheBarmaid said...

I love that everyone knows those Indian people...the centers of the desi universe...who know, quite literally, everyone. I like how in our hyphenated-American world here they are mostly guys, because I honestly believe that 30 years ago in another time and place they would have been the community matchmakers.

oodles said...

Your worlds are colliding!
I missed the Axl dance??!!! Did you have a bandana this time?

maisnon said...

badmash: Exponent? I've never heard that! Proponent, yes - but I like exponent even more!

oodles: I'm going to have to start carrying a bandana with me, eh? These Axl opportunities keep cropping up.

roonie: I think my goal is to rock your socks ;)

BarMaid: The funny thing is that I think I *am* a matchmaker...just not like that. More like business/extracurricular-type matching. More to come on this.