Friday, February 24, 2006


So. I'm going to be taking French classes. When I told brimful her response was that my blog would become dedicated to all things frenchie. She's probably right, and I figured my 3 readers deserved notice.

I went to l'Alliance Francaise's open house a few weeks ago to take a tour, sit in on a demo class, and take a placement test. I sweated hard over the placement test. And then I had to meet the director of pedogogie (see? It's starting already!) for an interview in French. With four beginner and four intermediate levels (and keeping in mind that it has been nearly 15 years since I've been in a French class), I was hoping to fall somewhere within the intermediate range. Apparently, the director felt I was clearly advanced. My honest first reaction was "Jigga-wha?" Then, I tried to remember how to say "seriously" in French. And failed.

Clearly, the days where I used to dream in French are long gone. The class I'm taking is described as Actualités/Conversation/Grammaire: Sur les sujets d’actualité de la semaine, révisez avec sérieux et pratiquez avec plaisir.

Dude. I don't even understand all the words in the description. (Okay, I'm exaggerating, but only un peu.) I'm starting classes in a week and I'm terrified. The Alliance has a French-style bistro, complete with surly French chef, attached to it and I have promised myself a kick-ass glass of wine after my first class. I'll be in SF every Saturday afternoon (the better to make dinner plans all over the city, my dear. Hint. Hint.)

There, you've been warned: be prepared for random French lessons, and cultural notes.

P.S. - Jigga-wha also accurately describes my response when the kickboxing instructor ended class by saying, "I'm not sure who's interested in this: but they just made cagefighting legal in California!!" Uh, you couldn't drop that knowledge on me at the beginning of class so I'da known you were kra-azy and bounced?


Khakra said...

the accent's the best part. if you are unable to say "orange" by the end of the french course, you're a bonafide frenchwoman.

Roonie said...

I'm going to be taken French eventually this year, too. So I will appreciate the blog's Frenchification.

oodles said...

I think you're going to rock with your French skills!