Thursday, March 02, 2006


The comfort zone of shared experience can hypnotize you into having epiphanies. My most recent flippant comment while talking to Paticus: because I'm happy in so many facets of my life, my insecurities and fears are bubbling up to the surface.

If I were in therapy, I'd say that I'm doing deeper work, getting beyond day-to-day existence. I'm uncomfortable right now - I'm revisiting past negativity that I thought I had left behind. But, I also feel oddly hopeful. I'm calling this my "chrysalis" phase - I am building a little coccoon around myself - a little distance from friends, less socializing, more me-time. I need time to pupate and examine what I value, what I want, whether I'm being true to myself and what may be lacking.

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Roonie said...

I think that's a good stage to be in. Do you know that "mariposa" is also the slang term in Spanish for "gay"?