Thursday, March 16, 2006


Every once in a while, you catch a wave: a daisy-chain of coincidences makes you smile, or just sit back and ponder. Are these little connections around us all the time? Is it that at different times we are more in tune and thus able to notice them? How much detail do we miss in our infernal busy-ness?

Yesterday, I had 400 pages to read and a 2 second attention span - not a good combination. The sky was the bluest blue, and the palm tree outside my office window swayed winsomely. I rationalized that Blackberrys exist for the sole purpose of allowing me to do my reading on my balcony instead of at my desk.

On my way home, I decided to finally stop by the library and figure out how to get a card. Imagine my surprise when the library clerk, noting my "odd" email address, decided to conduct the exchange in French. She lived in France for years, but has lived here long enough to make jokes about how common my first name is.

I haven't determined why, but San Francisco is the French-iest American town I know (and I'm including NYC and DC in the list.) At this point, I hear people speaking French every time I go out (examples: Saturday night in North Beach, Sunday night at sush in Mountain View (which is an even bigger WTF, I might add.) I'm excited by the idea that, as my French improves, I can practice it around town.

There's more here, but I've hit a wall. I am limited in what I am willing to blog about. There are things that I would discuss with individual friends willingly, but wouldn't bring up in front of the same friends if we were all out to dinner. That's the balance beam I'm on now - there are ideas that I am digesting (which would normally take place via conversation or writing) that I am uncomfortable blogging.

Suffice it to say, it's all about interconnectedness, and how when you have something in mind, little details jump out of the woodwork. A song on the radio. An email from an old friend. Right now, I feel like I am picking up the breadcrumbs, following the path out of the forest.


brimful said...

My GBF claims that San Francisco is the most Euro-friendly city in the US, and thus, the French-ness you mention makes sense too.

Also, I lurves me this post.

badmash said...

400 pages in one day? Yikes!

I though that you spoke French fluently, Maisnon. I took a class in the Fall to brush up - and the registration people wouldn't let me waive the introductory levels.:P Suffice it to say that the only new thing I learned was how to saw "werewolf" en francais (Mon Dieu, un loup-garou!). Let us know how your class goes.

Hmmm, very interesting the concept of synchronicity. Check our Henri Bergson when you have a moment. Also our own dear Dr. Chopra wrote about it in a recent book as well -just in case you'd like the Chicken Soup for the Soul version ;)

Roonie said...

You know, when I was in SF for a weekend (about two years ago - my only stint in SF ever), I actually remember hearing French too. And thinking, "Huh, how odd, I've never heard French on the streets anywhere in this country!"

Looks like SF is more perfect than you even knew!