Saturday, June 03, 2006

DTG does the Bar

(May not make sense to non-law types)

DTG: VA civ pro blows
maisnon17: :-)
maisnon17: I remember
Conrad asking me about CA civ pro
maisnon17: and I had to tell him that we only need to know FRCP
maisnon17: no Cali specific-stuff. He was irate
DTG: yeah, I resent people who are taking the truly easy bars like jersey and ct
maisnon17: dude, NO ONE would call the California bar easy
maisnon17: I think NY is harder, but people often put Cali ahead b/c of its dismal pass rate
DTG: yeah, Cali has it's own issue with the third day
maisnon17: THE THIRD DAY
DTG: duh duh duh
maisnon17: man, I think we could make it a movie:
maisnon17: THE THIRD DAY: The Widowmaker

DTG: today I was contemplating how much i would pay to get automatically barred
DTG: I think I came up with 25k

maisnon17: dude, when I was studying for the Bar
maisnon17: I considered whether I'd do an extra semester of law school
maisnon17: b/c - studying is like 2 months, and a semester is 4

DTG: this is more studying than I've done in law school in total
DTG: my brain is pissed at me


Heather said...

maisnon17: THE THIRD DAY: The Widowmaker


Roonie said...

The California bar may not be the hardest, but it sure is the most unfair. If you ask me.

Anonymous said...

a little pretentious maybe?