Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fools Gold

At a friend's house waiting for her to finish getting changed, I idly flipped through her DVD collection. I reached behind the front row and hit VHS tapes. "Don't go past the first row!" came the anxious cry from the bedroom. I, of course, thought porn. Truth be told I was a little surprised (and impressed?) because this was easily my most "vanilla" friend. She came running into the living room, still pushing her arm through the sleeve of her shirt, two bright spots of color on her cheeks.

What was she trying to hide from me? Her collection of Wham! music videos. (I finally saw the video to Last Christmas.) The other secret movie shame? The Cutting Edge. Heroine: an ice princess figure skater so haughty and unreasonable that no one will partner with her. Hero: a hockey player who has to give up the game, and .... turn to ice skating. In other words, a heady mix of cheese and saccharine.

I have found that many women have this in their secret collection. You can imagine my delight when I found some kind of straight to video follow-up: The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold.

I may or may not have added it to my Netflix queue.


CM said...

I love that movie! The original. I am deeply skeptical about the "sequel." But I've been seeing commercials for it lately -- I think it's going to be on TV this weekend.

ads said...

Awesome! I think I need to watch this, if only for co-star Oksana Baiul.

The other day I was seriously debating whether to add a movie called "Hot Chick Stoner BBQ" to my Netflix queue, purely out of curiosity. (It was recommended for people who enjoyed "Martha Stewart Holidays: Classic Thanksgiving.")

matt said...

My wife insists that "The Cutting Edge" is actually pretty good. I don't believe her.

Chai said...

WHAT?!!! There was a sequel!!! Holy shit. This is like finding out that there was a third movie in the Anne of Green Gables movie series. WOW!!! I am so excited. Seriously.

roonie said...

Brilliant. The things some people are ashamed of always fascinates and flummoxes me.

maisnon said...

I think the comments prove my point. Whatever that might have been.