Thursday, September 07, 2006

H. E. Double Hockey Sticks

My idea of Hell is when you're at a bar and they play Summer Nights. Or Stuck in the Middle with You. Or Cotton-Eyed Joe.


gauravonomics said...

My idea of hell is when I'm driving my car and all the six FM channels play Himesh Reshmaiyya! It happens more often than you can imagine.

roonie said...

No way, I love when they play Summer Nights! However, I totally HATE hearing Cotton-Eyed Joe. Good thing you didn't grow up in the Midwest. People still actually like that song there.

Maitri said...

No, not Cotton-Eyed Joe! I think I can take that over Hank Williams, Jr. all day, everyday. *vomit*

sally said...

I agree with you Roonie Summer Night is fantastic, but Cotton-Eyed Joe reminds me of aerobic classes.


andrea said...

Actually, Summer Nights in the bar does sound pretty cool... and 6 FM channels that *would* play the likes of Nosey Reshammiya would be heaven to me :P At least they might play something better next ;)

Best bar song ever: my husband Shane used to play in a rock cover combo at an Italian restaurant when we were engaged. They'd usually play the Doors and other such "intelligent" rock. One day they started a song in a minor key, and I was grooving along to it for awhile until it came to the chorus, when the long-haired, skinny rocker boy with tattoos begins crooning : "My loneliness is killing me / I must confess, I still believe."

Yes, "Hit me baby one more time" as a hard-rock anthem.


brimful said...

My idea of hell is when you're at a bar and they play several Fergie-era Black-Eyed Peas tunes. Oh, okay, unless maisnon and ads are with me. :)

And Andrea, I suspect that cover band got their inspiration from the Travis cover of that song. Excelllent.

maisnon said...

brimful: GAH! The BEP on mega-rotation was out of control! I can't even tell you why I have such a hate-on for Fergie, but she really does annoy the crap out of me.

andrea: I have danced to swing versions of (a) "Enter Sandman" (all instrumental - thanggod!), and (b) "Painted Black."