Friday, October 20, 2006

55 Fiction Friday: Writers' Block edition

Friday just beats the clock.

Sometimes the words don’t come – dammed up like a …. damm. Everything sounds so trite, formulaic and over-wrought. The very process of trying to achieve “flow” seems to result in cognitive constipation. The mind seems to go blank – an utterly windless day while you sit in a sailboat. No secrets to whisper to the page.


Ganesh said...

I can spend hours pouring over the ontological distinctions between a and the, between commas and semicolons and between a blank page and happiness. I dwell on what I could be doing before hopeless doodling is transformed into a venue for creative productivity, which I try to look on in later days as "necessary woolgathering".

roonie said...

You have summed it up quite nicely - the rut we normally prolific bloggers have been experiencing as of late. At least, in my blogosphere. What is it with the forced inspiration these days?

archana said...

after bloglurking for months on end, i think i am starting to finally understand Fiction Fridays (i actually read your blog from cover to cover one day in july just in case there was an explanation hidden somewhere!).

how did it come about? was it an extension of something else or are you actually just THAT ingenius? actually, even if it was an extension of something else... props on the ingenuity :)

maisnon said...

ganesh: I've recently started following your blog - keep on keepin' on!

roonie: maybe we all need a holiday from the blogs? Some time... away...from each other... ;)

archana: OOPS! 55 Friday Fiction is about writing a mini-fictional story, trying to encapsulate a story, moment, or idea in exaclty 55 words. I picked it up from Neel Mehta's blog (Brevity is ... wit.) Every Friday, the word Friday is linked - click on it :)