Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sleep to Dream

Wednesday is as good a time as any for the weekend update.

Friday. I like to spend Fridays in. It's usually a time for Target, Netflix and my couch. (Mmm, three of my favorite things.) This Friday, I felt .... not so well. And this would be a running theme throughout the weekend. For reasons unknown, I spent most of the weekend feeling like I couldn't keep my eyes open and perpetually forgetting to eat (like ... 2 meals a day. Leading to ravenous hunger somewhere down the line. Awesome.)

Saturday. Had to get serious on the cleaning up for the parentals front. Alternated between cleaning and full-on crashing. I don't much care for naps because I wake up paranoid. It takes me forever to hatch after taking a nap - it's just not worth it. I did manage to get it together and head to SJM's for a little soiree. The idea was that we would go out to dinner, but with 10 people (aka the ones who were approaching being on time), we knew that wasn't going to happen. It ended up being take-out from Chutney - a hugely good thing, as more and more people filtered in.

Sunday. I need to take a break from house-hunting - that much is clear. I procrastinated and procrastinated about getting in the car and driving up to the city. Procrastination is a sign that you are trying to make yourself do something that you do not want to do. I'm burned out on driving from house-to-house and the gladhanding of realtors and the odd, awkward conversations with other would-be homebuyers. This Sunday, I will be skipping the open houses as my parents will be in town. (Next week's weekend update should be .... interesting.)

How are we doing T-minus 1 day until parents? A lot still needs to be done - last night was the laundry extravaganza. Tonight is, well, everything-else-that-needs-to-get-done-anza.


roonie said...

Fridays in are my favorite, too.

Los parentalos! EEEEEEEE!

Heather said...

Ah, I'm the same way with naps. Since it usually takes me a good hour to get to sleep, I need like a three hour block for it to even be worth it, and then I just feel terrible when I wake up. I don't knwo how people power nap, that seems like insanity.

Good luck with the 'rents, and the house shopping!