Sunday, October 15, 2006

[Slightly-delayed] Blogging the Parental Visit - Friday

I had threatened my parents with being marched through my entire office - and I followed through! They met most of the people I work with, saw the cafe, kitchens, etc. etc. They like to ask me about the minutiae of my life (like where I shop for groceries) so I thought they'd enjoy it.

Along the tour, we ran into a trial team that was celebrating having just submitted a motion by popping open a bottle of wine. One of the associates seemed really embarassed that my parents had caught them at it - which is funny since she is a mother herself. I wonder if other people's parents are always seen as "the cops." My dad had a nice chat with the partner about anti-trust and economics - all while the partner sipped wine out of a paper cup.

There were a few more hi-jinks, including my mom and I have a giggling fit while my dad sort of argued with a coworker as to where in Kerala my poor colleague had vacationed. As soon as my parents left, people started swinging by to tell me how little my mom is - yup, I've noticed. She can stand under my chin.

I took them to Shiva's in Mountain View for dinner, and we were all safely tucked in by 9:00 p.m.


CM said...

Do you ever go to Swagat in MV? I used to really like that place. I don't even know if it's still there -- that was about five years ago.

roonie said...

That's cute that you took them to work. They are probably so proud of you.