Wednesday, November 22, 2006

blood makes noise

Links to things that I find interesting/worthwhile:

  • I'm slowly being converted from Bloglines to Google Reader. I find it a little slow, but I like some of the features.
  • Plus, it turned me on to Quote of the Day. With such gems as ""Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself." - L. Tolstoy, how can I resist?
  • I've been thinking about how engaged I am in my community, and how I can increase that. In light of the recent Nobel Peace Prize recepient, I've also been reading more about micro-financing, and this this is quick resource on a few organizations dealing in micro-loans.
  • My latest blogcrush: BrooklynMasala (aka Ganesh.) Go now, enjoy - but remember, I saw him first!
  • I'm in the middle of an ardent, pasionate love affair with words ..... but sometimes, they still escape me. You know, when you're trying to find that word - the one that has to do with that thing? How much help would a reverse dictionary be?
  • I've been thinking about how our attitudes and beliefs shape our experience. This post from Scott Adams (i.e. the Dilbert guy) is thought-provoking.
  • As you know, when it comes to technology, I'm what one could call a "late-adopter." Although I have an iPod, I don't really do the podcast thing. SO, I found Chai's list of podcasts very helpful. Are there others that you'd recommend?


Ganesh said...

Awww crimony, now you're making me blush! ;-) Thanks for the kind words.

I toyed with the idea of switching from the sciences into micro-finance a year ago, since I have friends at Grameen and the UN inolved with micro-finance projects. Definitely run with it, maisnon! It's a fascinating field and my friends say that here's always room for more people who feel passionate about the area.

Chai said...

yeah! i'm glad that you'll be diving into podcasting. i think you will love it.

i like BM as well. plus he introduced me to the google reader.

and micro-financing...went to a panel at an organization last year all about it. quite interesting since it was about the good and the bad of these programs.

ashvin said...

Another reason to move to google reader is that bloglines seems to be screwing up lately [maybe just beta-blogger blogs like chai says on her blog ?].

Btw, you do know that you can export your bloglines list (as an .opml file) and import them all into g-reader, right ?

roonie said...

Ganesh is a Golden God. He got at least three of us to switch to a better life on Google Reader. Oh, he will go down in history, indeed.

Chai's post inspired my desire to delve into podcasting as well. As soon as I get a free moment, that is. A certain someone's visit to town is usurping all of that free time I had so much of last week ;)

maisnon said...

hmmmm.... well, I'd checked out Google Reader before, but didn't switch over because I find it slower than Bloglines - however, with the hiccups re: beta blogger sites, I think I'm a convert now.

(And yes, I exported my subscriptions - no way in HELL I was going to manually enter all the feeds!)

ashvin said...

(And yes, I exported my subscriptions - no way in HELL I was going to manually enter all the feeds!)

Good to know that by "slowly" converting from Bloglines to Google Reader, you did not mean manually adding the new entries.

I like to eat...and sleep said...

Big fan of NPR's "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" gameshow, which is a humorous look at the week's events.

For gamers (ie not you), X-Play's video podcast is awesome.

absolutgcs said...

there's a spectacular article in the new yorker about the nobel prize winner, the grameen bank and the future (pro-profit) direction of micro financing. it's a very thorough well-written article.

I like to eat...and sleep said... the title a Suzanne Vega reference?