Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ocean Breathes Salty

Friday. I hustled our clients out the door and dropped them off at the CalTrain session with juuuuust enough time to run a comb through my hair, pick up Jay-Z and head to the city for a co-worker's bday party. This means I didn't get to put my Halloween outfit together. :(

We had a late dinner at a restaurant in North Beach. Albona specializes in Istrian cuisine - actually, I'd say the place specialized in poking fun at people. Bruno, the owner, took great care of us and kept us all in stitches. The food was phenomenal and I will make a return visit.

The crowd continued on to Suede, but Jay-Z and I had planned to make it an early night, so we hit the road.

Saturday A day of delicious nothingness. Oh wait, this is the day I watched porn: at some point, I added all the Best Picture winners to my Netflix queue. Somewhere in my list, I have Drugstore Cowboy. So, you can imagine my surprise when, instead of drugged out Matt Dillon, the movie opened with Jon Voight, circa 1969. Whoops - Midnight Cowboy. Watching Angelina's daddy in a movie that was X-rated when it came out was not what I expected, but surprises are .... good.

Sunday More do nothingness - much of it occurring in the papasan chair on my balcony. Drifting in and out while reading Barrel Fever with the sun warming my toes = just about perfect. I headed into the city to meet brimful for dinner and our weekly viewing of Lost. Our dinner of Korean barbecue was marred by The. Worst. Music. Known. to. (Wo)man. Unspeakably bad. No, no - in fact, one step removed from unspeakably bad: these weren't just hideous songs, they were covers of hideous songs! I would be trying to focus on what b was saying, and there would be this horible crescendo, a rising wave of awfulness that would just tear me away.

In other news, and I'm not the first to say this, I think Lost has jumped the shark. The show is now annoying the crap out of me. It is possible that b will convert me to something else, maybe Friday Night Lights.

Crappy music and infuriating television programming can't ruin an evening with la brim. I had a great time (and a lemon bar, too.)


archana said...

i heart my papasan. if someone gives me a REALLY good hug it sometimes reminds me of my papasan.

i also am finding myself irritated with Lost. i still love it on some level... but like that relationship i refuse to get out of because i SWEAR i'll start enjoying it again soon?

brimful said...

awwww... and I am totally converting you to FNL soon.

i like to sleep...and eat... said...

Covers of hideous songs? Reminds me of the melodious *koff* karaoke from outside my house. I can't ID the song or the language. The singers can't ID the melody, evidently.

maisnon said...

archana: I've started thinking about my papasan when I'm tired/bored. Not good!

brimful: I'm open to conversion! (Not the legal kind.)

ILTSLAE: Remember when I yelled at the singing people in the DecLab? I'm sure I bitched to you about it.