Monday, December 04, 2006


A recent conversation with an old friend reminds me of why I really shouldn't be allowed in polite company. We were remembering a chat we had a few years ago. I usually am a good listener, but that time - yeah, I blew it. In my mind, my friend had just told me that she had ended things with her girlfriend. I decided that it was time to tell her that, in my opinion, she could do better.

Imagine my surprise when she said "I'M. STILL. DATING. HER." Awkward!

I recovered quickly and said, "Oh. Hmmm.... well, I stand by what I said!"

Elegance and grace, that's me.


Roonie said...

Well hey, she can never say you aren't honest!

I like to eat...and sleep said...

You really put the "ass" in class, you know that?

maisnon said...

I considered making this part of the post: every week, after watching "Sex and the City" with a friend, I would say two things:

(1) "I'm so Miranda, aren't I? I'm Miranda. But, I'm nicer, right?"


(2) "If I were dating someone, and you didn't think they were good for me - you'd say something, right??"