Wednesday, January 10, 2007


My advice: if you come to Kochi - try to stay in the Fort Cochin area. It has loads more character than... just about everywhere else. It's also where the tourist spots are. Actually, when I get back I may write up a post about my recommendations/highlights, etc.

I had my first fight with an autorickshaw driver (conducted, of course, in two languages.) I was yelling at him that he was totally ripping me off (he was), and then I realized that I was arguing over the equivalent of less than $1 and got over it. It's weird, I don't mind paying more for things here - I'd say I'm okay with being overcharged to the tune of 20-50%. I can deal with that. But, when it seems to be getting above that, it really steams me.

Everywhere in Kerala there are political meetings conducted in the open, on the sides of roads (complete with LOUDspeakers.) The one I saw this morning on the way to the ferry - everyone on "stage" was dressed in what I now think of as Kerala white.

I have had some truly fabulous food here - appams that were perfectly light and crispy at the edges, doughy and satisfying in the middle with that slightly sweet finish, meen curry spicy enough to help you see through time.

Next stop: Chennai (or as my dad called it in an email "the city of my birth"), then a 2 day jaunt to Pondicherry and I head home late, late, late Friday night.


Aditi said...

I've hugely enjoyed your posts on India. Enjoy your trip to Madras and Pondicherry!

Chai said...

yeah! i am glad that you are alive. :)

can't wait to catch up once you get back.

Liz said...

no! don't let it go ... its the principal of the matter ... its not the fact that its less than a buck ...

i tip generously when i'm in india ... but i get a heads up from family & friends about how much things should cost ... b/c nothing pisses me off more than someone trying to rip me off

brimful said...

Yay! I'm glad you're having fun, but I'm also glad that you're coming home soon!!!

roonie said...

I am going to be in SF next weekend - I want to SEE YOU! I'm so happy you're coming back. I've missed you.

yasmine said...

Maisnon, I had South Indian food for the first time in my LIFE last night, and it was damn good. All these years of hearing about masala dosas, and I finally got around to trying it myself. It had potatoes! Be still, my heart.

Loving your posts on India.
And you're almost back in the Bay! Yay