Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Do you have any idea how many things I mark in Google Reader with the absolute intention of (1) following up later, and [heh heh] (2) possibly blogging about it?

Yeah, I suck - what can I say?

So, today I bring you 10 5* things that are interesting/funny/or are in some other way check-out-worthy:

  1. How to type special characters (esp. helpful for, oh say....typing French accents!) [h/t Lifehacker - which makes up probably HALF of the blogposts I want to come back to later!]
  2. Running from Camera - a blog with photos of a guy ... running from the camera. [h/t Photojojo - part of my list of photography feeds. (Also available as a twice-weekly newsletter.) I mean - look at this post about the Monsterpod and Gorillapod! How cool! I'll start taking more and better pix soon, I promise!]
  3. How to Turn off Google's Search History [ mmm....the better to GoogleStalk, m'dear. h/t Boing Boing - always .... different.
  4. 9 to 5 paintings: created by your mouse while you "work" [h/t kottke ]
  5. DonorsChoose - be a philanthropist for $10! [h/t Cool Tools - another site that could make me ever so much more productive if I used it effectively.]

And, a little bonus round, two blogs I'm mad sweatin':

  • SpikedChutney - she's spikey, she's chutney... okay, maybe not, but she is local! And hilarious++.
  • A simple desultory Phillipic - dreamy, dreamier, dreamiest writing. Check out this post about Espagne (money quote: "Flamenco is to salsa as orgasm is to foreplay.") SWOON!

* It was taking way too damn long to write this!

P.S. - India pix are UP on Flickr! But, um, no idea when I'll get around to captionatizing all 558 of them. Dude, I'm lazy - you know this!


Roonie said...

And now I'm marking THIS post as one to return to! Seriously, I've always been wondering how to make tildes and accent marks.

Mango Pickle said...

Aw - thanks for the shoutout. I've been coveting your blog for a looong time now! I'm very flattered.

Okay, I'll stop gushing now...