Monday, March 12, 2007

vino, vidi, vici

You know when you walk past those big display beds in the department stores? The ones that are perfectly made, with coordinating accessories, that seem almost overstuffed - bursting with plump coziness?

Beds have become my new fantasy. And it's not even due to an insomnia attack. I dream of curling up into bed and ....reading, maybe napping, writing in a journal. I flip through the pages of CB2 and drool over the soothing modern lines.

It seems that I need some kind of a vacation. And I do not mean travel! My big trip to India, while quite an adventure, was not as restorative as, apparently, I needed it to be. I've also been jonesing for sitting on the beach and staring at the wonder pondering the mysteries. (I'm not talking swimsuit and margarita - I'm talking Northern California styles - sweatshirt and a water bottle!)

Resolved: by the end of the month, I will (1) drive out to the beach, set up my little camp chair and vegetate, (2) check myself into a hotel room and spend random hours in bed. (So much easier to do when you're not staring at laundry that needs to be done, or dealing with the feline roomie demanding attention!)


Weekend update!

Friday: Happy Hour with work peeps, then a hot date with Colin Farrell. I think this is the first movie I've seen him in, and ... I can see the attraction. I also tried out Netflix new "Watch it Now" feature (to watch 'Big Eden') Yes, we can just call this my Big Gay Cinema Night.

Saturday: extra helping of NOTHING! I've been having these visions of spring cleaning. Sorting through closets, making lists - getting ORGANIZED!

Yeah, none of that happened. A higher priority, I decided, was bonding with my couch. Thankfully, Hesse convinced me to enjoy the gorgeous day by going for a walk. Any walk with me is a mini bio-lesson. It's probably on the annoying-side, but I can't help it. I point out trees, and other flora. The park we went to has a wealth of bird life, and I spouted off about it. Poor Hesse now knows more about red-winged blackbirds and their migratory behavior than he probably ever wanted to know. (I even broke down what the birds were chattering on about. I translated it as "Bitch, please! This is MY turf! You best get to steppin' ")

Sunday: Damn time change! Totally screwed with my sleep schedule, and nearly messed with my plans for the day! I headed into the city and picked up ads and an as-of-yet-unnamed friend and headed up to wine country. We were all running a little late, and a half step off, so we didn't hit as many wineries as we may have liked. Still, we enjoyed the barrel tasting weekend, andI will try to make it again next year.

I bought wine from A. Raffanelli (which*thrilled* me- I had a bottle of their zin at dinner in September and have been thinking of it ever since.) I was also impressed with the zinfandel at Bella (and may have come home with a few bottles - including a late harvest zin that they paired with peanut butter cups. The yum!!)


tamasha said...

Dude. I am SO moving to California after this post.

brimful said...

Wow, what a lovely weekend you had!

terence said...

i was supposed to go to the barrel tasting as well. unfortunately...had a really late start to the day, so w just went to sonoma instead. glad though since it was GORGEOUS on sunday!

maisnon said...

tamasha: MOVE HERE! It's irresistible!

brimful & terence: Quel gorgeous weekend, eh?