Thursday, April 26, 2007

risk averse

I was telling my personal trainer about some foolishness undertaken by a fellow student in my program in Costa Rica. I finished by saying, "You know, he was still at that age where you think you're immortal."

My trainer looked at me and said, "Were you ever at that age?" It took me off-guard because I was shocked that with our fairly limited interaction, he was able to make that observation. And, of course, also because he was right - I never was. That's not to say that I didn't have my nights of far too many drinks (possibly complete with hopping up on the table and dancing), but over all - I've been fairly careful with myself.

There are times where I regret that I wasn't a wilder and crazier youth simply because there is a natural age limit for such things. It's just kind of lame and sad when you see people who are far too old for it engaging in youth hijinks. But overall, I'm okay with it - I am who I am.

I am trying to take "age-appropriate" risks now. There are activities that I would like to try that I feel really self-conscious about. This is part of what the personal training is about - reconnecting with myself as an athlete so that I can try some of the things I think may be fun.

Some times, I'd like to just get out of my head and into the doing of things.

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roonie said...

I'm not sure I ever believed that I was invincible, either. I mean, I was wild and crazy, but it was all calculated. I knew what I was doing. I knew the risks involved and the repercussions. Is that invincibility? I certainly don't think so.