Thursday, May 03, 2007

More than Meets the Eye

Partner: I was just saying that there's such a difference between Federal and state court. Federal court is just .... a cut above. You walk in and you can just tell - it's professional, a little intimidating, etc.

maisnon: So, it's like Transformers v. Gobots, then?


Roonie said...

HA! If that partner has any sense of humor, he/she should've been hysterically laughing.

Sharon said...

For your sake, I hope that partner shared/understood your sense of humor. I say stuff like that all the time to the partners here, and I'm amazed/relieved that they have yet to send me to some secluded place called Happy Gables or something else of that variety.

p.s. Hi :-)

maisnon said...

He's a young partner, so he totally got it. He just gave me the, "Seriously? Did you just say that??" look before he started laughing. :)

Sharon: Hi! :)