Thursday, May 31, 2007


Long weekend update, y'all! In the interests of not boring my three readers, I will hit just the highlights.

Headed into the city with a coworker for some hijinks. I felt like I was cheating on brimful with her neighborhood (or perhaps I was the other woman - coming between brimful and the Mission.) We ate at La Provence, and then hit Lone Palm, and Double Dutch. And, um, the Skylark. Uh, and then Casanova. (Important note: I'm only able to do the bar crawl thing b/c I'm not much of a drinker - I rarely have more than 2.)

At Casanova, we ran into two guys that coworker knows. (Oddly enough, the second cousin of ANOTHER coworker and his sidekick.) 2nd cousin turns into coworker's wingman, and I end up chatting with Sidekick. Somehow, Sidekick ends up reading my palm. One of the first things he says is: "Um, soooo..... I don't know how to say this, but uh ..... is someone in your family white?"


I quickly set him straight (um, not that there's anything WRONG with having white peeps in the family!) He told me that my fingerprints are whorls and that that trait is strictly Caucasian - Asians do not have that. I pointed out that I'm generally not what people have in mind when they say "Asian." Just so that we don't lose sight of the ball here, he tried to insinuate that I have, um, a "honky in the woodpile." (If you're not familiar with the expression I'm paraphrasing, I'm not 'splainin' it!) And he felt that that was insulting. And he was himself Caucasian.

This convo occurred after he tried to tell me three times that he's older than me. (He's not. And I had to tell him the second and third times that, "Um, well, you weren't older than me 2 minutes ago - so I doubt you are now, either.") Oh, and shortly before I challenged him to a gun show. I was going for "Dude! Why do you keep challenging me on absolutely everything?', but it ended in an actual gun show, judged by the woman standing next to us. (He won....barely.)

In an effort to meet new people, I'm checking out some Meetup groups. On Sunday, I went on a hike with a group titled "Let's go for a hike and maybe take a break if we get tired." How perfect is that? We met up in Portola Valley and the fog was as thick as soup. We kept telling each other that it would burn off once we got going (as we squinted to try and see each other through the mist.) And, it did - the hike was beautiful, and just the right (slow-ass) pace for me. We saw a gorgeous hummingbird (ruby-throated, I think), a newt (salamander?), some banana slugs, etc. I felt a reawakening of my latent bio major. I realize that I'm pretty unfamiliar with the flora and most of the fauna of the Bay area, and I'd like to work on that.


tamasha said...

Ok. I just spent waaay too long looking at my own fingers. I have whorls on 6 of my 10 fingers (thumbs, indexes and rings), and loops on the rest (middles and pinkies). Interesting.

Bengali Chick said...

I'm jealous of your hiking group! Mine just marcheson forward while I'm at the end feeling like I'm going to pass out.

Uhm, I don't know what whorls or loops are!

brimful said...

It's not cheating- it just means I've been successful in infecting you with the Mission bug. ;)

agk said...

please. i have a whorl on my left thumb, right pink, and right middle finger. i don't like that dude.

maisnon said...

peeps: The best part is ... from looking at images online, I don't even have whorls! I'm pretty consistently loop(y)!

I am trying to figure out, though, why people (ahem - guys) get so randomly competitive about the most bizarre things.

brown sugar said...

Hmm, I've been contemplating joining some "Meetup" Groups. Glad to hear that you had a good experience! :-)