Monday, June 11, 2007

la lune est libre

beach, originally uploaded by maisnon.

Weekend update, y'all (and in a timely fashion!)

Cocktail party at a partner's house in the city. Much wine = mucho hijinks. As always, I will try to hit the "highlights":

(1) The partner's parents happened to be in town (from the east coast.) There's something wonderful about talking to someone's 83 year-old father and seeing his expressions peek out from his father's face. Also, highly hilarious - when his mom said to me (and another woman), "Okay, girls - let's get serious. Are there any single men at this firm?" As if that wasn't enough, his dad shushed his wife and said, "You don't want to date someone at work!"

(2) One of my (male) coworkers made me arm-wrestle him. This is the second time within a month that I have been called on "feats of strength." I'm not sure what this means, but I am a little weirded out. (And, yes - I did win. Technically.)

I think the key to getting going on the weekends, for me, is leaving the house. I used to go to an 8:30 am Saturday morning yoga class, and that was really great - I came back to the apartment feeling all virtuous and shit. And, after a little basking, I'd start to run through my errands.

This weekend, I forced mysel to get "up and at'em" - I hit Target by 9 am. I made the smallest of dents in my never-ending "to do" list. One of these was to buy a new card reader - so finally, finally - new pics are up on flickr!!! These include my trip down to LA, and my tourtastic tour of SF, as well as a pic I'm really proud of - my collection.

Meetup day! I drove out to Half Moon Bay to meet people I don't know for brunch at Cetrella. Afterwards, we headed to the beach. I have a giant (queen-sized at least) fleece blanket that I keep in the trunk of my car. It loves going to the beach. We played some beach volleyball, and I was surprised how fun it was (although none of us were any good - Karch and Sinjin, you don't have anything to worry about! Yeah. Choosing those two names is a dead giveaway as to when I used to follow beach volleyball)

I hit the cherry stand on my way home, and spent the ride blasting tunes off of my iPod and spitting cherry pits out the window.

The weekend closed off with going to see Paris, Je t'aime at the theater near my house with Hesse. The movie was by turns beautiful, grating, bizarre and touching. It really is a love letter to Paris, but moreso to humanity..


wt said...

You "technically" won the arm-wrestling competition? Explain how that works.

tamasha said...

I am so moving to California. Jealous!

brimful said...

Yeah, I'm so moving to California too! ;)