Thursday, August 09, 2007


I feel like I've been yelled at off and on all week. Oh wait, that would be because I've been yelled at off and on all week. Not by coworkers (thanggod!), but by opposing counsel and random irate people.

Although you can logically understand that you shouldn't take something personally (for example, when the irate yeller is using thinly veiled racist innuendo), but it still stings. I'm not rubber, even if you're glue. Things are not bouncing off me (and sticking to you.) Not entirely, anyway.

I need some comfort and quiet. A warm soft bed with white sheets. Hot chocolate with marshmallows (and not the creepy, crunchy ones in Swiss Miss). Soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Shouldn't I have this? Shouldn't I have all of this and more? But will I? No. Instead, I have an out-and-back trip to LA tomorrow, and a weekend of finishing the move out of the old apartment (including introducing Ms. Gia to the new digs.) Am I being a whiny little bitch? Yes, I am. But if you can't sip a glass of whine on your own blog, then wtf?

This is the crazybusy, hurricane phase. I know it will pass, and sooner than I think. And then - then, my friends, I will sip my hot chocolate in my white, white bed.


roonie said...

Plow through. The end is in sight. And you'll get to reap all of the benefits very soon!

tamasha said...

As long as you don't spill it.


Ennis said...

White chocolate! You've internalized the racism!

maisnon said...

ennis: I never said white chocolate! (Not even really chocolate!) Hot chocolate = brown chocolate!

(Is this in the running for comment using the word 'chocolate' most often?)