Friday, October 05, 2007

Sha/LANGE! *

I've spent some time looking at a website called DonorsChoose, which enables teachers throughout the country to write brief requests for funding and put them on the internet. The majority of the schools affected are in areas of low-income.

The site allows people surfing the site to donate money to these projects. You can spread your money across different projects, or choose to fund one project. I found a number of projects that I wanted to donate to, and thought that I could share it with my (three) readers. I have set up a "challenge" through the website. I would like to raise $2,500 for a number of projects at schools in the SF-area.

Some of the requests are heartbreakingly simple, and others show exactly how determined teachers are to provide the best possible start to their young charges. If you would like to donate, please click on the link above, or the comically large thermometer on the left-side of the page. If you feel so moved, please share with friends.

* - One of my favorite "Cosby Show" episodes featured Mr. Huxtable breakin' it DOWN, tap-dance "style" with Rudy's tap teacher. (The latter REALLY knew how to dance!)


brimful said...

Since you bring it up, this is my absolute favorite Cosby show moment ev-ah:

At that point, I remember thinking, "hmmm, maybe he should be called Cosby uncle?"

maisnon said...

OMIGOD, I love this clip, too!!!! I remember this from the show.

I love how people start clapping for Theo and then Cosby Uncle *LOSES* it! LOVE!

brimful said...

Yeah, it's exactly what you mentioned that's so awesome about the clip! Everyone claps and you think the show is going to cop out, but Cosby Uncle is having none of it! To me, it's the first hint that Cosby Uncle was going to age into grumpy old Cosby later in life. ;)