Monday, October 15, 2007

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Weekend update, y'all!

It's been weeks (months?) since I've written one! My life is still as hectic and glamorous as ever. Evidence: Friday night, I headed to IKEA with one of the new associates. Don't be jealous, I know my life is just too sexxy!

Saturday involved ... putting together the dining table. I know, the party just don't STOP! I headed to wt's for a par-tay. Actual social interaction, bestill my heart!

Sunday involved booting around team with my Bar Support Teamtm. I've made mention of castaña and her mother before. Her mom was in town because one of her watercolors won a prize from the California Watercolor Association, and that painting is in a show at the Presidio. We met for brunch then headed over to the show. The Presidio is an odd little throwback, like entering Pleasantville - a small slice of the 1950s. We headed back to castaña's place and watched "30 Rock." Dude, I have such a girl crush on Tina Fey. She's so smart, and funny, and pretty - I wish she were my friend. Sigh.

Humor: We met up with friend's of castaña's mum and went to dinner at
Henry's Hunan. When it came time to order, the person to my right selected the dish I had planned on ordering. I hemmed and hawed for 0.2 seconds, and the waitress decided I needed a suggestion. What did she suggest? Yes, that's right the chicken "curry." Because what else would the Indian girl want at a Hunan restaurant?

The spaces in the weekend were filled with watching Prison Break. Wentworth Miller joins my legion of boyfriends. The hott++

And that concludes my weekend, back to our regularly scheduled programming!

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brimful said...

I too lurve me some Tina Fey. I just want to sit in a bar with her and complain while muttering "blerg" during uncomfortable silences.

Also, Tracy Morgan is plum out of his mind.