Wednesday, April 09, 2008


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I tried it.

And I'm here to write about it.

As those who have been keeping up with me in person/via email/Twitter/gchat, etc. know, I have been MEGA-plagued with allergies this season. Like, worst ever. Like, can't sleep through the night. I'm stumbling around like I have a newborn, but no - I just have snot.

Not coo', yo, not coo'

I finally faced the fact that my allergies weren't going to turn the corner and get better. I went to my doc and got a prescription for a steroidal nasal spray that I'm supposed to use every day. From Feb. through July. Every year.

Yeah. I won't even take Advil if my head is not splitting open, so that didn't sit very well with me. While I have the sprayer as a back-up if necessary, I decided it was time to explore acupuncture. I read a book about it (well, about Chinese Medicine generally) and I've wanted to try it. Except, you know, for that whole fear of needles thing.

Step 1: Find an Acupuncturist
I used a combo of yelp and my insurance's "alternative roads" provider list. (That may not actually be the gag-inducing name, but it was something pretty close.)

Step 2: Consultation part of the Appointment
Making an appointment was painless once I actually decided to do it. My acupuncturist sat down and asked me a number of questions about my symptoms, about my health generally, and about my diet. Then, I hopped up on the table (a massage table) and she felt my pulse(s) and had a look at my tongue. From my tongue alone, she told me A LOT about my general constitution. It was kinda creepy, and kinda cool.

Step 3: Needles!
I had 15 needles. FOR REALZ! Actually, let's back up. The needles are NOT what you're thinking of: they are not hollow, so they are thinner than any of the ones you've had during injections. Having one inserted is like .... pressing your fingernail against your skin. You know it's there, you feel a bit of a pinch, but it isn't really painful. (And I'm not saying that in the "this won't hurt a bit" way - it really doesn't hurt.)

She opened the package of unused needles in front of me and then... the placement. I had a needle between my eyebrows, 2 on either side of my nose, 3 down each arm (sort of elbow-ish, wrist-ish, webbing between thumb and ring finger-ish), and 2 on each foot (ankle bone and top of foot.)

Once the needles were in, I rested on the table for 1/2 hour. I think I drifted off, or pretty close to it, a few times. She removed all the needles and I hopped off the table.

And was able to breathe through my nose. This is HUGE.

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tamasha said...

Wait, like right away? How long did that last? I have terrible allergies! Does it only work for seasonal allergies or year round (like food?) allergies?

I feel like I can handle the ones in my face, but FOOT? Owie.

I am still scared. Everyone says threading doesn't hurt, but it makes me cry, so I don't believe anyone anymore...

There's so much I want to know!! Eeee!