Monday, March 09, 2009

Luna(tic) Park

Weekend update, y'all!

I possibly drank too much wine with dinner at my friend's house. Then, we had Girl Scout cookies and talked about boys. The End.

I headed to the Alemany Farmers' Market bright and early. Items purchased: leeks, potatoes (COMBINE!), pumpkin bolani, sweet jalapeno jelly, oro blanco (which I think is a cross between a pomelo and a grapefruit?), Asian pears, Pink Lady apples, anemones, ranunculas,

A very dear friend is moving, so I accompanied him to IKEA. This really says something about our friendship, because - much as I love that store - I have a pact with myself to never, ever go on a weekend. I don't think my friend was much impressed with my mad IKEA skills. (I can recognize most items by name! And tell you what other finishes are available! And tell you what other pieces are part of the collection!)

I met some friends in the Mission for dinner. Perhaps I should have reminded all parties involved that parking in the Mission is NOT for sissies. It is practically a full-contact sport. You must must must leave yourself adequate time, or it all becomes way too stressful. When we all finally amassed in front of Luna Park, we had missed our reservation. (Their policy is that, when your party is complete, they put you at the top of the waitlist. I think this parking fiasco-thing has played havoc with a lot of reservations.) Our meals were absolutely delicious (minus some strangely way overcooked vegetables.) With our late start, we were finishing up dessert after 10 pm. Which is when "Living on Prayer" came over the Muzak/iPod/sound system. My friend and I started singing (quietly) into our thumbs. ("Tommy used to work on the docks") (And, as you may recall, I really really can not sing.) When we got to the chorus, we realized that ... other tables were also singing! (Whooah, we're half way there/Livin' on a prayer!") It was made of awesome.

Walking back to the car, I found a five dollar bill! I picked it up, and my friend's fiance immediately said "Is there poop in it??" It turns out some of his college buddies, actually, I can't go any further with that thought. (Use your imagination.)

So, Bon Jovi sing-along and $5! Woo hoo!

After all the hijinks on Saturday, this was largely a day of rest. I did manage to clear out my closet (SCAAARY!) I'm moving along (month 2) in my plan to go through all of my stuff. I'm using this book, which is pretty great. Next month's project: the KITCHEN! (And there is a lot of work to be done there!)


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yasmine said...

i've always loved seeing the bay area, and life in general, through your eyes. please come back to blogging again! pleaseplease =)