Wednesday, June 22, 2005


anna and the madness

Last night, Anna and I met our LA-based blogging friend, Abhi. (I have to admit, saying that I've met an "online friend" makes me feel like some kind of MUSH/MUD-type geek. I feel like I should have piercing eyes and a cape. That's not to say that I don't HAVE piercing eyes and a cape.) We made our now-daily pilgrimage to Tryst and Amsterdam Falafel on 18th St.

Not that there was really any doubt, but I'm now officially an auntie. Once I decided that Abhi is sweetness personified, I immediately thought " I know any nice girls?"

Soon, I'll be shouting into cellphones, and trying to talk my friends into going to the 7 pm movie.


Chai said...

hahaha!!! i'm already shouting into phones. plus i use the speakerphone function all the time. my friends get so pissed off. i rationalize it as they don't want me to look old because then they look old.

k, im in bar class and i shouldn't be reading blogs.

brimful said...

Um... what's wrong with the nice girl pictured next to him? :)

Also, if there were aunties like you around, I'd visit my family a lot more often!

shell said...

Let's see...maisnon, the matchmaker? Need more time to process info.