Monday, June 06, 2005

Bon Mots

Favorite quotes, etc. from today:

  • "She seems really hostile, or maybe that's just how God made her face."

  • Are You Meant to Be Sexually? [In my email inbox. I pondered and pondered what it meant. I was sure that there was a word missing. Are you meant to be sexually...what? Then I took it as some veiled message about my dating life (or lack thereof.) And they'd know, of course, I mean - they ARE, after all!]

  • "She sits down hard and breaks a bone in her ass. And she’s not happy" - Prof. Schecter, summing up Garrett v. Daily in Bar prep Torts class today.

  • Baby Saved by a Jury of Peers : more from my favorite Pun-jabi, Manish.


Roonie said...

Schecter is a whack job. But I appreciate it.

Chai said...

I heart Schecter. I enjoyed his NY drama of dealing with torts. And I appreciate people that can do other accents, since all my accents sound like an Irish Indian gay man.

Manish said...

That's Funjabi to you!

jm said...

My favorite courtesy of last week's property lecture, describing a quitclaim deed: I'm gonna make like oragami and fold under pressure. It's very third grade, but ohhh so appropriate at the moment.

maisnon said...

I'm glad the BarBri profs, so far at least, seem to be an entertaining lot - well as funny as you CAN be while discussing trespass to chattels, parol evidence rule, etc.

Manish: You're lucky I didn't call you "Big Pun" ;)