Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Comment dit-on?

My parents' friends are always skeptical that I understand Malayalam (understandably, since I won't speak it.) They always test my understanding with one of the following two questions:

(1) Do you understand?

(2) Would you like some tea?

And that explains Malayalees to a T, I think.


jeesho said...

YUP that basically sums up the malayalee understanding of the younger malayalees' knowledge of malayalam...what will WE be asking our kids is the question...

suitablegirl said...

you tell mummypappa that you understand our language JUST FINE. i'll certify you-- after all, when we're out, i gossip with you ALL THE TIME and you get every word. ;)

SharonCnumbers said...

Oh man, it's even worse when you have obnoxious aunts/uncles/cousins patronizing you because they think you don't know the language because you're "Americanized", or whatever. You can't really talk back to them because you'll hear it from your parents eventually. You don't know how many times I've been tempted to act out my anger like this:

Obnoxious Ugly Aunty: *said in Malayalam* Oh, molay! You understand Malayalam! Very Good!

Me: *said in English* Oh, Aunty! You've yet to master the English language after living here for 30+ years and your sari rolls are disgusting!

Niki said...

annachy is the QUEEN of talking about others in malayalam... especially what's his face's "velutha deeeham"... ;)