Monday, June 13, 2005

LoMo, PN

My friend and travel buddy extraordinaire Saj once had a dream where she walked around yelling:


in a Jamaican accent. (NB: at the time, she worked with a Jamaican guy.)

We adopted this as our rallying cry whenever one of us was hard core procrastinating.

Later on, I declared the capital of Procrastination Nation to be LoMo (for low motivation.)


jm said...

I love this - why can't I have dreams involving Jamaican accents and procrastination?

Law ala Lor said...

Yep,its all a dream...I begin to freak out when I really procrastinate--needless to say it last only for a minute then I go back to the MBE questions....although if I think about it....blogging isn't really studying is it?? BUT it is about Law...sorta harm no foul!!

Anonymous said...

This is a cry for help. I've hit my first wall. I've been staring at my Property outline since 8am. I can't see anything on the page, and I can't put it down. What should I do?

eve said...

I think I would be a prime candidate for Citizenship to the Great Country of Procrastination Nation. Where do I sign up? :)

Anonymous said...

I think I may be ok. I just went out and got a pizza. I was looking at the box though. Nascar drivers don't seem very happy.

maisnon said...

Anonymous: Seriously, PUT THE OUTLINE DOWN! My "prescription" would be to go see "Batman Begins" - take a BREAK!

If you really, really can't put the books down, switch topics. Property will still be there in 2-3 days. Try again then.

jm said...

Excellent advice Maisnon! When I hit a wall (at least a few times a week, if not every day) I try to take a couple hours and pretend that I have nothing better to do but watch bad movies/TV/etc. It helps to remember other stuff is going on outside my little bar-centered world, and it keeps my citizenship in Procrastination Nation current. :)

maisnon said...

We also to joke about Procrastination Nation like so:

What would be the main export?
Probably nothing - but everyone would get down to planting something next week.

Who would be President?
Enh - no one was really feeling that whole "campaigning" thing.

etc. etc.

Maitri said...

My very first website was called Procrastination Central. Dude, I own prime real estate in LoMo.