Monday, June 27, 2005

NB: Chartreuseacre

maisnon17: I'm starting to look forward to working
maisnon17: I was on The Firm’s website
maisnon17: and I clicked on some of my fave attorneys
maisnon17: and I realized I want to start working
DTG78: no you don't
DTG78: work is hard
maisnon17: I know this for sure:
maisnon17: I never, ever, ever want to hear about Blackacre
maisnon17: ever fucking again


CM said...

Are you working in the same firm as last summer? (I read your archives so I know you loved it!)

maisnon said...
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maisnon said...

Yes, The Firm (where I worked last summer)"made me an offer" I couldn't refuse. ;)

Lisa said...

I hate Blackacre too (from a 10 yr plus practicing lawyer). You rarely hear about Blackacre in the real world, not to mention the rule against perpetuities, etc.

Good luck on the exam!! I am not specifically familiar with the Va. bar but the multistate is not so bad (a Ky lawyer here.)

Heather said...

Hey, what did Blackacre ever do to you? All that poor piece of land does is get violated all the time - it gets adversely possessed, improperly conveyed, trespassed upon, burnt down, and its timber stolen.

I'm going to buy Blackacre one day and nurse it back to health. I'll get rid of the oil rigs and the riparian assholes who keep diverting the water, and grow a daisy garden.

jm said...

Yeah, Blackacre must be a real fixer upper.

Maisnon, are you headed back to Cali after the exam? I can't remember where your firm was at.

maisnon said...

Yup, I'm headed back to the Bay area - which is where we will have a 'UGE party when we all pass. :)

I've decided I've been too harsh about Blackacre. As penance, from now on, I will refer to my domicile (whereever it may be) as Blackacre.

Law ala Lor said...

um, YEAH, I happen to own Blackacre, we've had some problems in the past but now we're beyond that and its gonna be a great investment for me and my heirs! Daisy garden, what a GREAT idea!! Thanks!:-}

Roonie said...

Are you *really* looking forward to firm life?

maisnon said...

Yes, I'm really looking forward to it - and it's not just any firm, it's THIS office of THIS particular firm. I really enjoy the people, and the vibe.